5 Etiquette Tips for Attending Holiday Office Parties

While the holiday season is full of fun and good food, don’t let office socializing derail your professional career. Below are some reminders for office parties without bad consequences!

etiquette tips for attending holiday party
  1. Free liquor does not mean a free drunk. You may be in a social situation, but you will still be judged professionally.
  2. Dress appropriately. No cleavage or provocative clothing. If the party is casual, make certain you are not too casual. If it is dressy, be certain to comply.
  3. Be appropriate with office gifting. Know the limits and expectations.
  4. Be sure to RSVP and write a thank you note for the invitation/party.
  5. Have Fun! Be current on conversation topics, so you can discuss something besides “shop talk”.

Minding your manners makes the season all the more merry!