The things to consider when joining or hosting a professional online meeting.
Do you know when the handshake originated?  All the way back to the early Roman soldiers!  That’s a long time for a custom to carry forward.  The Roman soldiers extended their right hand to mean, “I…
The Jewel Ball finally arrived and was a great success!
In February, I was challenged by the ladies of the Fleur de Lis group at the Woman's Club to present a program on Millennials.
In November, I attended an etiquette retreat in Mount Dora, Florida, with Jacqueline Whitmore. 
In business, first impressions set the stage for future opportunities. 
I provide customized solutions for corporations and firms who desire a higher level of business etiquette intelligence. I tailor sessions to your specific needs, including interactive learning…
Dorothea Johnson, the founder of The Protocol School of Washington, shares an interesting historical tidbit from her Professional Business Savvy course.
You may think this is an odd time of year to write about sportsmanship, but I have just returned from The Rose Bowl, and people’s conduct in a highly charged arena is very much on my mind.
Why do we save our worst behavior for our families? I guess we know they are “stuck” with us! Wouldn’t it be fun this year, if we could all decide to use our best manners, our best…
While the holiday season is full of fun and good food, don’t let office socializing derail your professional career. Below are some reminders for office parties without bad consequences!
Tis the season for summer weddings! Below are a few suggestions for the wedding party and guests to follow to ensure your plans go smoothly, as well as being socially savvy for the occasion.
Recently, we travelled to France and England where we toured the Loire Valley, the Brittany area, with a stop in Paris. We then traveled on to London and York, England. The following are some tips…