In February, I was challenged by the ladies of the Fleur de Lis group at the Woman's Club to present a program on Millennials.  Since I
am definitely NOT a Millennial, it was a challenge.  However, with a little research, and a LOT of help from my children, the ladies and I had a great time learning what Millennials really want in the workplace, and how a collaboration with the Baby Boomers can be a win/win for all!  The etiquette rule of "kindness toward all" is a great start.

For those of you who do interact with Millennials in your workplace, these are a few of the tips I learned about collaborating with
them for a smoother run office or business.

  1. Millennials are very interested in Work/Life Balance
  2. They are not interested in doing things "the way they've always been done".
  3. They are used to speaking with anyone and everyone who can further their idea-even the CEO.
  4. They will "follow the boss" rather than being loyal to your company, if he/she leaves for another company.  The leadership is of utmost
  5. importance to them. 
  6. The salary can be secondary if other "perks" are available, such as a health plan or gym memberships paid for!

In other words, communication is the key for them!"