Etiquette Quiz


Can you answer the following questions with confidence?

  1. What is the worst social “faux pas”?
  2. Where does the guest of honor sit at a dinner table?
  3. From which side of a chair should a lady be seated?
  4. On which shoulder should you place your name tag? Why?
  5. Where should you place your napkin when you leave the table momentarily? Where do you place it when the meal is finished?
  6. Always drink to a toast, even one that is given in your honor. True or False?
  7. Who is mentioned first in introductions?
  8. What are the five attributes of a great handshake?
  9. What are the three things to remember when you write a thank you note?
  10. What are the duties of the host for a business luncheon?
etiquette quiz

Bonus question: 

Can you tell which point of etiquette is not being followed in this photo?