While the way we handle this crisis has rolled over into the political arena, as well as the health domain, manners and long held protocols are being tried in new ways.  Will you shake hands, (or hug!) or just give fist bumps.  Will you wear a mask, or join litigation to suppress that?  Will you attend a dinner in someone’s home, or only outdoor venues?

These decisions can sometimes cause misunderstandings amongst friends and downright divides in families.  Unfortunately, divisiveness is now prevalent at a time when we really need cohesiveness to help our society rid itself of this deadly virus.

So, what can we do?  I feel the first and foremost thing we need to do is decide what we will—and will not—do as a family.  Then, we can show understanding toward people who share a different view.  And that’s not always easy if you feel your health could be compromised by the actions of others. Try to put yourself in the safest space possible and go with friends where you feel the most comfortable.

Arguments and accusations will not accomplish anything.  Let’s all come out of this as we went in—together!