When the Handshake Stopped


Do you know when the handshake originated?  All the way back to the early Roman soldiers!  That’s a long time for a custom to carry forward.  The Roman soldiers extended their right hand to mean, “I carry no weapons.”

During the last couple of months, the handshake has been replaced by virtual hugs, elbow bumps and Facetime, due to the pandemic.  Even science fiction writers have not conjured a scenario of a virus bug that could not only make us shelter in place, but could also wreck havoc on our economy!

I trust all of you have had some special time with your family during this quarantine.  It is just my husband, Hank, and me at our home.  I miss my children, both of their families in Austin, but I know we will see each other again, hopefully sooner and safer.

Although the handshakes are out for the moment, manners are not.  More now than ever, it is important to be kind to our grocery store clerks who work long hours stocking shelves, to our delivery people who are out so we do not have to be, and our medical personnel who risk their lives everyday to care for the patients who have been affected by this covid-19.

I think it has been astounding to see all aspects of kindness that have been shown in so many areas of our lives at this time.  Let’s keep it up when we go back to our “New Normal”!  There can never be too many thank you’s, please’s, or even “I’m sorries.”  We can all learn from our experience away from work, family and fun times together.  I, as I know you too, look forward to being together again.  Until then, I wish you all good health and a safe, shelter in place.